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Looming Orthodox Housing Affordability Crisis in the US

People often talk about the Shidduch Crisis, but I think there is an impending houseing crisis for Orthodox Jews in the US.

Because of the pandemic increasing work from home options, people starting moving to remote locations driving up prices in previously affordable areas.

Orthodox Jews already faced higher prices by often wanting to be in major metropolitan areas that are expensive to begin with, than increasing competition and demand by wanting to live in walking distance of a shul, in the eruv etc.

People today are much less likely than in the past willing to compromise on living in an eruv or having the option of Jewish schools kosher restaurants etc, all of which raise demand and property values.

The OU has often tried to push “small communities” but a lot of these locations have either not really taken off or aren’t really all that affordable either.

I’m hard pressed to think of any Orthodox community on the Eastern Time zone were one could find a house with a mortage or rent that is 1/3 or less of the average income for the area.

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