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Looking for trans/queer jewish youtube channel recommendations

Part of my shabbat observance every week is to just more intentionally engage with judaism and jewish creators especially, and one of the big ways that I do that is through watching jewish youtubers and vlogs (particularly educational ones), but I’m having a lot of trouble finding people that have some of the same experiences that I do and I was wondering if anyone has any good recommendations? I’m looking for religious jewish channels that are judaism focused (so not just youtubers that happen to be jews or non-religious jewish channels) but I also really really want to watch some that have trans/queer folks or disabled folks, as I’m all three. I really want to be able to engage with jewish content from people that share some other intersectional identities with me. I like channels like Frum It Up, Frm Me to Jew, and Jayelle Alafi (more vlog focused and talking about their life while also educating) but I’d be open to more educational focused ones like BimBam or Sam Aronow that are from a queer or disabled perspective. I also don’t care about their opinions on the I/P conflict, so zionist and anti-zionist channels are both fine, and any movement is okay as well as long as the channel is still religious focused!

I know I probably won’t get as many answers until after shabbat, but I forgot to ask before it started and I’m looking for a few to kind of deepen my engagement tonight and tomorrow

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