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Looking for the world domination chat room, help please?

Hi friends. For my entire life I’ve heard or seen people saying that we run the world. I’m really tired of this narrative because I personally am yet to be invited to any of the meetings despite my longstanding Jewish ancestry. I thought that after my bat mitzvah I would be given the contact information, but maybe it didn’t count because I’m not a man? I would really like to get in on this massive Jewish wealth and secret government that I keep hearing about, so if anyone can send me the link for our weekly world Jews zoom call it would be much appreciated. I was on the executive board for my sorority, so I have leadership experience if that is necessary to be on the team. Thanks! 🙂

((P.S. this was just a joke, but can you imagine how chaotic a meeting like that would be?? I feel like a discussion on current events would get turned into a long Talmudic debate. Surprised that people still believe this myth when even my rabbi makes jokes about how rare it is for Jews to agree with each other))

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