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Looking for the Jewish response to infertility

Yesterday’s haftorah was difficult for me to read and I am still struggling today. There are just so many instances in our tradition where women struggle with infertility only to miraculously be blessed with a child, and I will never receive such a blessing as I received medical treatment a handful of years ago that left me physically unable of having children. At the time I was told that I could “just adopt” when the time came but I have since found that adoption isn’t really a thing anymore. For good reasons, there are something like 30+ families waiting to adopt for each child who is adopted each year. Surrogacy and fostering are also their own can of worms and not really a good fit.

Reading story after story of Hashem blessing our matriarchs with children after their struggles with infertility, while in a community where nearly everyone has children, with those children running around underfoot the whole time, is still just devastating. I always thought I would be a mother. I receive so many explicit and implicit messages that it’s what I’m supposed to do that I don’t really know what to do with my life instead or what the point even is if I can’t raise a child.

Most secular infertility advice I’ve seen doesn’t resonate, and most Jewish infertility discussions I’ve seen is exclusively geared towards the “struggling to conceive but it is still possible” crowd, so I am left out. I am wondering if anyone has advice or words of comfort, or knows of books I could read or stories from our tradition where “childlessness” is anything but the worst curse possible. I would really appreciate anything that comes to mind. Shavua tov

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