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Looking for someone to study Tanya with.

So a whole ago I got myself a new copy of the Tanya.

I’m not Chabad (let alone someone who defines themself as Hasidic) but I want to eventually read at least one of the works of each of the Hasidic groups, and well I decided to start with Tanya.

My main study partner is too busy to study with me consistently (he’s a new father now for the past two weeks), plus he prefers to spend most the time studying Avot (we started out as study partners for Perkai Avot and he really likes how I go through it with him).

I don’t want to never study Tanya with him but he’s a little too busy now ( in a very reasonable way) so if anyone is down to study Tanya with me (mind you I haven’t gotten too far into it so far, it’s my first read through and I think that I’m on Chapter 4 or 5).

I’m mostly reading it in English but adding some Hebrew is always fun.

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