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Looking for some guidance about renovating a synagogue


I manage projects and it appears I might be involved in renovating a shul in town. It’s about 100 years old and one of the more established ones in the City. It’s a gorgeous building.

I spent some time in it going to Bar Mitzvah’s etc growing up, it’s not the one my family attends so it’s been years since I’ve been inside. I’m not all that religious, more of a cultural Jew but I want to make sure that I’m factoring how important this building is to the community it supports and our community overall when approaching my planning and conversations with the various stakeholders.

So for any of you who have been involved in building or renovating a synagogue, what advice would you give me? I meet with the Rabbi and board on Monday, what kind of questions should I be asking? I’m really curious what the plan is for the Bima and Ark.

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