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Looking for reform synagogue recommendation in Manhattan

Hi, I was raised reform but drifted away as an adult. 10/7 and rising antisemitism have sparked a lot of feelings and I have a calling back.

I’ve been watching online services for a number of temples and they all look pretty good to me. The challenge is that I’m primarily interested in building connection with other Jews, and that doesn’t come across so clearly on video.

I’m planning to try a few out in person soon, but it’s a little overwhelming to think about going to a dozen different places, so I’m looking for some help narrowing the list.

For context, I’m in 40s and married, though my spouse is not Jewish and not interested. I’m looking for a synagogue that does connection well for middle aged folks and that doesn’t center entirely around being single or raising children. Does that exist in Manhattan?

I appreciate any thoughts you can share.

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