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Looking for Jewish readings for our wedding

So long story short! My fiancé and I are getting married in a months time, I’m Jewish (reform) and she is not but has no affiliation with any religion. She really open and engaged with Judaism and we will be raising our future children Jewish. Unfortunately our reform rabbi can’t marry us because of a rule between the rabbis in our country that doesn’t allow interfaith marriages. My partner would have converted before we got married if she’d known this. But we didn’t have enough time from when we found out and so we are having a friend officiant the wedding which we are still really happy about.

We would still like to have some readings that are Jewish or Jewish theme to acknowledge this part of our lives even though we are unable to have the Jewish wedding we imagined.

Does anyone have any readings or recourses that would be helpful? Blessings, songs, poems, stories?


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