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Looking for Jewish baby names

Our baby arrives in a month and we aren’t sure of a name yet. For a girl we already have chosen one, but for a boy we don’t know yet.

We’d like a name that’s Hebrew, doesn’t mean anything weird in another common language (or sounds weird there), is pronounced the Hebrew way (not the English way), is not in the top 10 of most used names, has a neutral or nice meaning.

It can be biblical or modern, but we’ve browsed many websites already and think our best bet here on reddit is to ask for the more rare, newer, modern Israeli names, as they might not be in the books or on websites yet. Please share all the ones you like!

Names we don’t like: Habakuk, Feigle, Aharonna, Shlomchat, Yechezkelah, Dicklah, Yanki, Benji

Names we do like: Aderet, Adina, Dafna, Liora, Chaviv, Nadav

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