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Looking for input on male tzniut

I’ve been looking for stuff on this but haven’t found anything concrete, which leads me to believe there either isn’t a concrete answer, or I’m asking stupid questions (up to y’all to decide lol).

I’m trying to observe tzniut more (specifically with clothes for right now), but it’s hard to find info on what the specific rules are for guys, if there are any.

Some particular questions I had: is it common/acceptable for shomer men to wear shorts, or short sleeves? Is it contextual (like being shirtless for swimming)? Obviously it’s uncommon in the more strictly Orthodox circles, but what about, say, MO? Are stylistically ripped clothes, like jeans, acceptable (the kind that have fabric under the rips so no skin is exposed)? I know clothes that are especially form-fitting aren’t okay, what about skinny jeans if I’m skinny enough that they don’t show anything off? How about earrings, are those acceptable for men?

If anyone can give me guidance on these specifics (or any general guidance since there doesn’t seem to be a ton of that readily accessible, either), I’d really appreciate it! I’m not looking to transition to the stricter Orthodox styles of dress, but it’s been difficult to figure out where the middle ground is between that and fully secular styles.

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