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Looking for Info

Hi all, I hope some of you can help me.

For context, I have grown up as a Christian. I live in Europe but I have family across the pond in North America (also Christian). Our views on a lot of things are very different and we have a lot of “conversations” on a lot of different topics, from politics, to religion, to current affairs.

One of my cousins recently sent me something which really bugged me. He seemed to be blaming the Talmud for the Boshevik’s persecution of Ukranians, which in turn led to the Nazi persecution of Jews. He also blames the Talmud for…. communism?

I should clarify that I don’t share these views at all. I haven’t read the Talmud, and I don’t know too much about Judaism and its differences with Christianity, so I can’t really comment on them, but I find it hard to believe in anything he says. He’s more interested in bragging about how Christianity is better than Islam or Judaism, so I normally just shut my ears. But I would like to understand better so that I can correct him on his prejudices.

There’s no way he has read your holy books, he’s gone down a horrible rabbit hole of online idiots ranting without any substance to what they’re saying. But can anyone tell me what the actual truth is in regard to what I mentioned above?

Thank you all so much, I hope that I personally haven’t offended you and that I can be pointed in the right direction.

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