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Looking for examples of "traditional/folk" Ashkenazim clothing

Hi all! I’m an Ashkenazim artist, and I’d like to start making distinctly Jewish art. My family came from Ukraine (USSR at the time), but I grew up fairly secular, which is part of what is making this difficult for me in terms of familiarity. I was looking up traditional/folk clothing for Ashkenazim, and found very few results. Most results pointed to Sepharidim and Moroccan Jews instead (who have beautiful costumes, but I don’t want to appropriate). Can anyone provide me with insight? Would Jews living in Eastern Europe have dressed similar to how Chassidim dress, or more like goyische Eastern European dress? I know this is a super niche question, but this was the broadest subreddit I could think of posting this question in. Thank you so much in advance!

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