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Looking for community in Aus

For the last little while I’ve felt a pull towards figuring out what being Jewish means to me – the last week has only strengthened this. I honestly can’t explain where the sudden pull came from. I’ve been learning Hebrew (trying to online) and absolutely fallen in love with the melodic language. I can’t wait to try it out in person in Israel.

I’m absolutely heartbroken by what has happened in Israel and want to be with my community but I don’t know where they are. In a time where I feel like it would be safer to hide this side of me all I instinctively want to do is lean into it.

I’m in one of the largest Jewish communities in Aus (Melbourne), but I haven’t made any connections and I feel so isolated. I can’t speak to my friends about what’s going on because they just don’t get it. I just feel so alone.

I’ve reached out to a local Synagogue but I don’t know if attending services will help me feel a part of the community in the way I’m looking for. I’m kind of at a loss.

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