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Looking for advice

My girlfriend has recently converted to Judaism. I am 100% supportive in her decision, but I am admittedly very unknowledgeable about the religion. I am a Protestant Christian and have not had much exposure to Jewish culture. We are both very respectful of each other’s religious beliefs and traditions. I believe that there are many paths to God so I am happy that she is pursuing the path that calls to her. But I am unsure how to navigate certain aspects of this transition. I have been doing research to better educate myself but there are certain things that Google can’t answer. I want to talk about to her God but I don’t know if this would be considered weird or disrespectful because we are different religions? Would it be weird for us to pray together? – I believe that we are praying to the same God, we just have different ways to go about it so in my mind, praying together can only strengthen our relationship with God and with each other. Is it rude to eat around her on her days of fasting? And just overall – how can I best support her in her faith journey? I don’t want to say or do the wrong thing. I love her very much and I want our faith to bring us together, not tear us apart.

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