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Looking for advice about Pesach and other holidays

I’m 16, my biological mother was Jewish but she hasn’t been in my life since I was 4. My dad converted, but he hasn’t practiced in years. Over the past year, I started identifying more with my religion. I want to celebrate Pesach but there’s so little I know about my religion. Everything online is confusing and the only synagogue in my area is over half an hour away. I’m planning on celebrating Pesach with my brother and friend who converted recently, but I need to know about food rules, traditions, history ect. I also want to know about other holidays that my family hasn’t celebrated in years, like Yom Kippur and Rosh Hashanah. Unfortunately its not possible for me to be kosher where I live, the only Kosher supermarket is almost an hour away and there’s so little Jews where I live. Sorry if all of this sounds dumb, I just don’t know any other Jews who, well, practice Judaism.

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