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Looking for a synagogue/schul in Germany and in The Netherlands

Hello, friends.

I recently moved to Germany and I live close to Gottingen for the next 4 months. After that, I will move to the Netherlands – 30 minutes drive from Amsterdam (and stay there for at least the coming 5 years).

For quite some time already, I consider converting to Judaism. Therefore, I am looking for a synagogue in my area here in Germany and then in The Netherlands. Conversion is my goal, but before that, I would like to be able to attend services and learn more about Judaism, so conversion classes would be more than welcome.

Do you have any ideas on where should I start? First of all, are you aware of any active Jewish community with a Synagogue in/near Gottingen and then one in/near Amsterdam?

And lastly, are there recognized batei din in The Netherlands?

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