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Looking for a Particular Haggadah

Hello! First time poster, but I am wondering if anyone might be familiar with a particular Haggadah; we always used it when I was growing up, but since my Grandmother who owned them/would host Passover passed away within the last year (ie since the last time we’ve been able to have Passover in-person) I haven’t been able to get the same edition to use for my Seder this year. I bought a few copies of another edition on Amazon for last year, but I didn’t feel very confident leading my Seder last year with a few friends using an edition I was far less familiar with. I’ll be having a Seder with my (non-Jewish) girlfriend this year, and while I could use my books from last year, I’d much rather have the level of comfort to lead with the books I’ve been accustomed to for many, many years and get her used to using the same books we may eventually use with my family when we’re able to gather together again for the holiday.

Unfortunately I can’t offer much in the way of description, but I think the most defining trait of this particular Haggadah is a “modern” art style in the book; a lot of the illustrations have a very modernist-cubist feel about them if that makes any sense. I know these books have been with my family for a while so I would estimate the initial publication was somewhere between the 60s and 80s. The other thing is that the margins of the pages have interpretations and commentaries about the various parts of the Seder, although I’m sure this is common to many editions.

I apologize for not being more descriptive, but if this rings any bells for anyone I would be greatly appreciative. Happy Pesach to all!

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