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Living far from kehilah

I would like to hear your opinion on a subject. We all know how important is community life in judaism. Even to the point many people say you must not live in a place without a kehilah of some sort.

On the religious side, without a community there are many traditions and prayers that are very hard or impossible to follow as a stranded family.

On another hand, it is one of our responsibilities to “gather the pieces of the sephirot” spread throughout the world to do our part in tikkun olam. By logic, some of those shards are not next door to a synagogue.

On another hand, all the jewish communities around the world must have started with a small kernel, a family or two that adventured to a new region or were displaced.

On yet another hand, it is well known about our entrepreneurial spirit. Businesses are not always within an established community and we move where the opportunities are. Like in my case.

How do you guys/gals see this spreading of jewish families around the world sometimes without the safety net of a kehilah?

Those who have done this, how do you handle it if you try to observe as much as you can?

I know shabbat is upon some of you but would love to read your answers when you are back.

Shabbat shalom.

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