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Learning Weekday Nusach

Shavua Tov and hello all, I have been davening shacharit, mostly in English, and would like to lean more into the Hebrew. I found the website and went to a few of the sites listed there looking for Ashkenazi nusach recordings, but I am feeling overwhelmed. I don’t do ALL of shacharit, so that also makes it a little difficult to navigate. I am attempting to begin with saying Baruch sheamar in Hebrew. What I don’t understand is that multiple recordings seem to just skip most of it, saying the first “Baruch sheamar vahaya haolam Baruch hu” and then skipping the rest, going to “Baruch hu yachid” which is like, the total next page in my siddur. None of the recordings specify to pray it silently either. Can someone explain this, and give me a good recording to reference which chants all of shacharit? Any input or advice on how to begin davening with nusach is also very much appreciated!

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