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Learning Hebrew can be pretty tough…

To give an introduction , i’m a 19 yo guy from northern part of India , manali. I am a polygot and already well versed in more than 7 languages including ARABIC . Right now i’m trying my level best to learn hebrew and read the jewish bible (torah) to understand more about the culture and people living there . For me religion and culture go hand in hand . Studying Quran and Bible helped me in understanding about the ancient society and people of arabia and europe and it still fascinates me how the religion influences their culture and language to this day.

Other than that , my family also owns a hotel and room-stay in Manali for tourists and every year more than hundreds of Israeli tourists come and stay in our place . I think that learning Hebrew would be really beneficial for our business too considering that most of our customers and Israelis and Jews.

Coming to the main part , I’ve been trying but it’s getting really hard for me to learn Hebrew and Torah . There’s something about torah which makes it really difficult to read and somewhat boring for me(my experience) , when i was reading Quran and Bible there were many complementary books to it that made those interesting and fun to read , unfortunately it’s not the same with torah.

I also saw a video of a rabbi saying that non jews are not allowed to read torah , which is a bit discouraging i guess.

Can you guys , suggest me finding a simplified book or maybe some interesting stories mentioned in torah that might help for a beginner like me and a good book to learn hebrew in less time .It’s only 3 days for me into hebrew and torah but i know some basic words like “lama”, “toda” , “shalom”, “Ma shlomcha” ,etc…

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