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Le Monde’s coverage of antisemitism in France has been abhorrent

For everyone outside France, I wanted to highlight how much Le Monde’s coverage of everything has been abhorrent.

(Le Monde is France’s most-read paper, with international renown akin to NY Times, WaPo, Der Spiegel, El País, etc.)

Not only does Le Monde pull a NY Times regarding Israel/Hamas coverage – they are also completely minimizing (if not erasing) the overt and ongoing anti-Jew crimes happening in France itself.

As you probably heard, yesterday a Jewish woman was stabbed in Lyon at her place.

It was overtly antisemitic and targeted: there’s a swastika painted on her door and the assailant was trying to find her door based on the mezuzah.

But you wouldn’t find much urgency about this breaking news story if you go to Le Monde, since it’s buried way low on the page, right next to some sports update. It has stayed in this buried spot since the news broke.

Worse, the actual headlines for the story use the most tepid language possible:

A woman stabbed in Lyon: public prosecutor office suggests a possible “antisemitic motive”, while police sources urge “the utmost caution”.

Police source told “Le Monde” that “it is too early to attribute this attack to an antisemitic act”. No arrests have been made.

Thank you Le Monde for triple-checking to make sure that it’s too early to call this stabbing “antisemitic”. We wouldn’t want to jump to any conclusion about something happening against French Jews..

(The police report actually states that it prioritizes the antisemitic motive given the swastika painted on her door.)

For comparison with other French outlets – even left-leaning Liberation covered the anti-Jew stabbing as above-the-fold news, so did right-leaning Le Figaro, and many papers around the country including Le Parisien. No burying the news somewhere at the bottom of the homepage with the sports section, or half-assed language to avoid calling it what it is.

I find Le Monde’s type of coverage (or lack of coverage) problematic and hypocritical – especially considering how they report every other similar news story as major breaking news with above-the-fold headlines (e.g. what happened in Arras with the teacher stabbed) – or, of course, anything about what Israel does. Just look at their breaking news headline at the very top (“Israeli strikes Maghazi refugee camp in central Gaza Strip according to Hamas”). Yes, no need to triple-check sources on that one before printing it as a major news headline since Hamas said it..

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