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Lashon Hara and Anonymity

Hello everyone! I’m an atheist but I value my Jewish values, traditions, and community. I follow the rules sort of selectively. I say this because while I will appreciate the halachic perspective on this question, I’m also definitely open to other ideas & reasoning!

One of the Jewish ideas I generally find valuable is the condemnation of Lashon Hara. When I talk about others in a negative light I generally try to keep it anonymous (not using names, not giving understandable hints if the person knows the other). I was thinking today about whether this is still Lashon Hara for any of the three people involved. The person on the receiving end would know that someone I interact with is the person in question, the person in question is still being talked about, and my speech may somehow affect my behaviour later on, or increase the likelihood I’ll do worse Lashon Hara later on. (Though I suppose that’s possibly a separate issue.)

So what are your perspectives (or the halachic perspective) on this? I personally think it’s not a huge issue logically, but it felt a little icky when this came up today. Sometimes people’s actions or ideas really are worthy of criticism though, if there’s no intent to attack them personally. So where’s the line?

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