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Lashed out at someone for making fun of Holocaust films in public.

I was getting ice cream with my girlfriend today at a local parlor. We go to a Big ten school in America where there are lots of Jews and non-Jews. In the line in front of us was a group of frat bros and one of them was jewish. I overheard them asking demeaning questions such as “did you have to wear a Jew hat to school?” Among other borderline anti semitic questions. I bit my tounge until one of them said in a snarky voice “I love Holocaust movies like boy in the striped pajamas and Schindler’s list”. I erupted and said in my heavy New York accent “Shut the f—- up”. I scared the kid and he tried to defend himself but I loudly pronounced what he said for all in the establishment to hear. He apologized and looked around worried.

I wish I controlled myself however there are lines of anti semitism I will not let others endure. I felt bad for the Jewish kid in the friend group. When they left he waved at me and smiled.

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