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Lace doilies

What is your relationship with those lace doilies sometimes women wear in shul?

They seem to be still used in the local Conservative synagogues, but I don’t see them as much in Orthodox (I see more hats and fascinators) or Reform. While the kippah wearing and non-covering is moderate with women in my shul, the lace doily is still holding on as an option.

One Bat Mitzvah some weeks ago had kippahs for men/everyone and lace doilies for the women — there was none left for me when I arrived, and I took a kippah instead, but I have never seen so many triangle doilies in one room. (I guess the bat mitzvah girl and her sisters and mum all wore doilies, so it was a family choice).

I am personally experimenting with wearing a kippah at shul and I have two doilies stashed at home. I have a hard enough time keeping anything on my head with my slippery hair (and have been tempted to try a Bukhari kippah or a headband).

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