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Kosher Wine Recommendations?

Hi all. Neither my wife or I are drinkers at all. Even at home, shabbat dinner is grape juice for us. When attending Shabbat dinner invites, we’ve often re-gifted and brought wines that people have given us when we’ve hosted.

Well, given the strange Covid dynamics, we’re doing more attending than hosting right now, and our re-gifting stock is running low and seems to be mostly $10-15 wines at this point, and we’d like to gift something a bit more special and more highly regarded than your everyday Dalton or Baron Herzog. We’re in the US and are fortunate to be in a community with a kosher supermarket with a very large selection, so I assume we’ll be able to find most of your recommendations. And there’s always as well.

What are your favorite whites and reds for gifting or shabbat dinners with acquaintances, good friends, very close friends/family, and/or special/important events? Anything interesting or unique? Favorite Israeli wines? Thank you in advance!

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