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Kosher Wine Recommendations for Father’s Day

Over the past year or so my family has tried quite a few kosher wines for Kiddush and and am now looking for recommendation for a Father’s Day gift (price isn’t really a concern). What my dad likes that we tried so far:

  1. Carmel Limited Edition Cab 2019
  2. Teal lake reserve Cab (close 1st)
  3. Goose Bay Pinot
  4. Chateau Les Riganes Cabernet Sauvignon 2022
  5. Psagot Cabernet
  6. Teperberg (don’t remember which one, probably a cab)

In general my dad likes Cab’s, Malbec’s, Pinot’s, San Giovecci grapes, and brunello di montepulciano grapes

Hoping I can get some good recommendations, thanks everyone and Shabbat shalom!

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