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Kosher-stylers, do you also wait between dairy and meat?

If you eat kosher style, do you also wait between dairy and meat meals?

I just started transitioning back to eating chicken and beef after vegetarianism for 16 years and pescetarianism for 4. I am not shomeret kashrut at all in the traditional sense, but I don’t understand why different communities have either 1 or 3 hours, and even families will do different things.

I know the Conservative Movement in general waits 3 hours (and some individuals, 1 hour from dairy to meat; 3 hours from meat to dairy). But I don’t understand why 1 hour isn’t a more popular minhag, given the modern constant availability of food, snacking, and, well, leniency.

3 hours for me a long time, lol. Especially as someone who is used to dairy meals constantly and a glass of warm milk before bedtime.

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