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Kosher slaughter vs Halal slaughter

Salam, I’m a Muslim and just curious about this, as us Muslims are permitted to eat kosher certified products. But I wanna know what the difference really is. How does the kosher slaughter procedure work? In Islam, the butcher and animal face the Qibla. The blade is not to be seen by the animal (to minimize stress) and must be very sharp to minimize suffering. It should happen in one swift motion while saying bismillah (in the name of G-d, before or during is ok) and all the blood should be drained as it is haram (forbidden, not permissible) to consume blood in Islam. This info graphic sums it up. Is Kosher slaughter done any differently? What are some similarities? Thank you to those who will contribute to this post, may G-d bless you all! ❤️

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