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Kosher Skincare Products

Hello all!

I hope I’m not being wildly inappropriate posting to this forum. I’m finishing up my business degree, and am launching a small business selling bath bombs and bar soaps (more skincare products will be offered later). I already want to produce all-natural, ethically sourced items, but I’ve been debating on making everything kosher. I’m thinking ingredients like dead sea salt and dead sea mud. I know Jewish women, especially orthodox, sometimes have difficulty finding the right products and I want to provide something they can use.

I’m not religious, so I hope I don’t offend anyone. If it matters, I do have some Ashkenazi Jewish heritage, which I didn’t know about until recently. I’ve always felt a pull to Judaism, however I have had struggles with religion for a long time. However, I’m passionate about human rights and am constantly furious with the amount of antisemitism I’ve dealt with. I have plans for my business to donate profits to organizations that work with elephants, but I want to help people too. I want to help EVERYONE. But, as a businesswoman, I know I need to narrow my scope a lot.

Okay, I guess I’m talking too much! I want to know what all of you think on this forum. Say you’re interested in bath bombs and bar soaps: what ingredients do you want to see in these products? It needs to be purely kosher. And how can I positively affect the Jewish community? What issues should I focus on? Should I donate part of my profits to a certain organization to help?

BONUS QUESTION: what do Jewish pregnant women like/need to use during pregnancy that is safe for them and their babies?

I apologize for the LONG POST. I get passionate and can’t stop blabbing. Again, I hope this post is appropriate!

Thanks, all!

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