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Kosher in the home, non-kosher out? Thoughts?

Hi everyone.

So as my partner and I are getting older and more serious, we’re having more discussions regarding the level of observance we’d like to practice if we have a family. My partner grew up MO, I grew up reform. I’ve become more religious in recent years, and after growing up in such a secular area without any jews, the idea of belonging to a tight knit community with lots of holidays and things to look forward to is appealing to me. I really love shabbat dinners, especially hosting them, and I attend like two jewish learning classes on zoom each week.

We don’t, however, keep kosher. We don’t eat pork but that’s about it. Our current area doesn’t have any kosher restaurants and it would be challenging for us to keep a kosher kitchen (though I’m sure we could do it with a bit more effort). Anyways, one area of the country we’ve considered living in has a small MO community, an eruv, and even an orthodox day school. We love the city but there are no kosher restaurants. I wonder, if we sent our kid to a school like that, but then ate out at regular restaurants, would our kids be judged harshly for this? We would still keep a kosher home so we could have people over, but idk. Would we be judged harshly and struggle to fit in? Honestly I’m not a huge fan of reform congregations…personal reasons. But maybe that would be our best option if we still want to feel jewish and live in that area.


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