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Kosher in a joint living situation

I (24M) due to financial reasons share a living space with two women who do not keep kosher, I have seperate dishes stored in my own cupboard. Regardless I am curious if my ask for them to wash their own dishes they cook treiyfe on esp pork is rude? I have admittedly commented on how bacon stinks up the apartment and that I personally don’t enjoy it being im the same fridge as my food (stored in seperate containers ofc but still). Well tonight I admit I made some jokes about how bacon doesnt smell appetizing after having not eating it for a long time (wasn’t always shomer kashrut), and my roomate got incredibly upset at me commenting on her food choices. I understand not everyone adheres to my dietary restrictions but there was an agreement of no pork in the apartment before I moved in. Idk, am I in the wrong? I did apologize for my comments and she reluctantly said we’re okay, but I’m concerned that she may be holding a grudge. I specifically asked her why there was pork and she said “I got it for free, im not going to let it go to waste” but this hasnt been the first time she’s done this and as silly as it may sound I don’t like the thought of the smell permeating around or the grease getting onto the stovetop. What if anything should I do? What could I do differently?

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