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Kosher diet for child with two homes

What do you think about this situation:

Elementary school age child has a non-Jewish mother and a Jewish father. Parents are separated and child spends 50% time with each parent. Post separation, the father adopted an Orthodox lifestyle and started enforcing a Kosher diet for his household and the child. The mother, though, is Latina and says there is no way to also provide a Kosher diet for the child in her home because it doesn’t fit with her culture and what she eats.

Father thinks Mother must only feed child Kosher even in her home, and that not doing this is harming the child.

Mother thinks each household can have different diets, and that there’s nothing wrong with the child learning about the culture and beliefs of each parent.

What do you think is the appropriate way to resolve this?

What’s best for the child?

What do Jewish laws say about the situation?

If you were the Orthodox father, what would you teach this child?

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