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Kosher chicken/Shochatim question

I’m sorry if this question seems like a silly question but I think this might be the best place to start before seeking a Jewish community near me, esp if it’s going to be a flat out no. I run a small poultry farm and conduct the slaughter myself. I’m also a women. I’m also not Jewish. So my question is, could my birds be labeled kosher IF a Shochatim oversees the slaughter? or is that going to be a hard no due to being a non Jewish women? is the answer going to vary between Jewish community’s? I have a two fold reason for seeking the kosher label: 1. I believe it’s a superior way to dispatch a bird vs how the USDA would like it done. 2. I don’t see any other ‘small’ poultry farms in the area doing this. I’d even be willing to take ‘classes’ or such if the community requested it. Thanks in advance

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