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Keeping track of games (moves) on the Sabbath

I’m exploring methods for keeping track of (histories of moves) of games such as Chess on Shabbat. Chess moves can be summarized in a text form known as PGN, which can be used to reproduce and analyze games. I’m not sure, however, one would track a game on Shabbat. While in theory it is possible to memorize a game – this is quite difficult and is above my current level. As a note, while I’m using Chess as an example, my main focus is actually a different – less well-known 2-player abstract strategy game (Tak). I am in contact with people from that community – so I’m seeking aid from both ends of this spectrum.

Any suggestions would be welcomed.

(As a last point, I’m also looking for the permissibility of doing so in the first place. I’m aware that generally it’s not allowed to prepare or do things on Shabbat for the week. Would this fall into that category? What if I wanted to simply replay the game multiple times over the course of the same Shabbat – perhaps with variations.)

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