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Keeping shabbos..dreading shabbos…

Ever since corona hit and I couldn’t eat by friends or other families in my community (still can’t, I’m in a “corona hotspot”) … Shabbos has become almost like a drag to me… And my dating life basically brought to a standstill, I’m feeling super defeated in terms of my observance. Especially since it’s summer and the days are so much longer …. l catch myself staring at the clock constantly counting down the hours till shabbos ends 🙁 Every erev shabbos I dreaaaaad it and I hate that I feel this way. I’m just wondering if anyone has some recommendations on what I could do to feel more inspired or excited going into shabbos and or new things to do during the day … Even a good book recommendation would be nice. I already go for a long walk, and I don’t really like to nap much which is a shame, I know.

Mehhh just needed to vent I guess, also looking for some chizzuk..

If you took the time to read this .. thank you 🙂

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