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Keeping Kashrut in the UK

I am not Jewish but have been feeling called to the religion over the last few months after having thought for many many years that I was non-religious. Very surprising.

I have been learning a lot about the culture, Mitzvot and customs from online creators and it is a really joyful experience. However, many of these creators: a) live in the US and b) live in areas densely populated with Jewish communities and access to shul, kosher supermarkets and restaurants

I have been searching for information about UK Judaism and struggle to find much about how those who live outside of London or other areas with more diverse populations – essentially cities – keep kosher especially. I live in a rural area well over an hour away from the nearest shul by car or public transport. I never see kosher-certified foods in the supermarket. And I can barely find any info online about how to keep kosher with what you have locally in the UK.

I have seen that certain things are perhaps easier to observe in the UK because of our state laws. For example I read some info on milk production and how milk must necessarily be from one animal here, not a mixture, so that would be kosher but not certified? But then I think I also saw that there are levels to observance with these things, so potentially for some people there would need to be a mashgiach to check that the equipment is all thoroughly clean before next use etc…

This is turning into a longer-than-expected post and I know that if I continue to move towards a religious life I would have the advice of the nearest rabbi, potentially move to a Jewish area etc. And that if one wants to observe kashrut and other mitzvot it is encouraged to do one’s best with the current resources to hand as people presumably have done for centuries/millennia.

I suppose I am seeking some connection to UK Judaism and especially with regards to keeping kosher in the UK.

Thanks to anyone who reads or responds 😊

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