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Kabbalah – can someone explain me the Partzufim in simple & understandable language?

i might be very dumb but i never thought i was THAT dumb til’ i came across this concept in Jewish Kabbalah which is somehow closely related to the Sefirot, but apparently there is some real math thing involved as in the division of a Sefirah or somethin’ like that… yeah, honestly, i couldn’t understand much (or any) of it.

anywayz, i’m a beginner iniciate, only found out ’bout my partial Sephardic Jew heritage in 2019, was raised low-key Christian, grew up to become whateva it was that i was (non-religious may be the word), these days, thanks to genealogy, i believe to have found something that represents my values + beliefs, & that thing is the Jewish Kabbalah.

back to the Partzufim: neither Wikipedia nor the other websites did enough for me while trynna understand what they are or what they mean in the context of the bigger picture = the Tree of Life.

plz, anyone who can put what the Partzufim are in Kabbalah in a way which a dummy can properly comprehend? i don’t need detailz, i will go further thru the Zohar & will eventually get those. just rly need the essential, as-simple-as-possible concept/meaning.

PS: i don’t even know if dummies actually are able to get this. cuz attaining the Kabbalah kinda enlightment does requires a whole lotta brain capacity from one & i guess i may just not have it, but, i’m still putting the work. i be feeling an intense hunger for this one specific spiritual knowledge. i get a trance outta everything i’ve been able to understand in Kabbalah so far & am gettin’ highly passionate towardz the esotherics of Judaism (also Judaism in general), so yeah, i am indeed hardcore-willing to try.

thankz in advance!

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