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Just watched a Youtube clip about the 10 tribes of Israel and need help adressing it


Is there any historian out there?

In my Youtube feed I was recommended this Youtube clip from ReligionforBreakfast about the 10 lost tribes of Israel and I am interested to see what you guys think about it and its claims.

One thing that it says is that Judah rewrote history in a way that would make them in line with Israels history and culture, like it was added and rewritten afterhand.

Another thing it says is that samaritans are the one that stems from Israel.

I feel a bit lost about this movie and I did not get any wiser from reading the comments to it.

Is the claims in this movie true and what is your opinion, based on history about it?

I have no idea if ReligionforBreakfast is legit or not.

Best regards


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