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Just venting :/

So, my partner (non Jew) made a horrible antisemitic comment today. She was talking with her friend (crazy lady that says she’s a witch, and pretty much a hater of everything religious) and she was mentioning my partner how I “should know” what is happening on September 24th. I started looking up what is supposed to happen as for a second I thought I messed up my dates for Rosh Hashanah, but couldn’t find anything, so I asked her to ask her friend what was it, and apparently there “will be something terrible for Jews” something that we “will never forget”, I kinda brushed it off but later on my partner told me how it went and she told me that her friend said that we will be getting what we deserve for being f* Jews and my partner backed her off saying how we should all get burnt. I immediately told her that is extremely disrespectful and she should never say such an awful thing and the brushed it off with “I am just joking and having fun with my friend, it’s just whatsapp”. I felt really bad on how she has 0 empathy on my (and any Jew’s) ancestors and how she takes as a joke the possibility it could happen again. If before I doubted this relationship was a good idea, this assured me it is not and I should end up this nonsense.

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