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Just some advice..

Gud yuntif everybody.

I’m actually struggling right now, really badly, this shavuos. And I need some advice.

I actually live in a frum area, and tonight is the second night of shavuos, I’m not supposed to be on the internet. But due to circumstances not under my control, I live alone and it’s extremely hard for me to keep a 3 day yuntif.

The 2 days were fine, I visited neighbours and friends, although tonight and tomorrow I will be alone. It’s very hard.

I should be better because Bh” I just got engaged but my chosson is in a different country and will not see him until the wedding.

I’m having a hard time,and I dont have a desire to go off the derech or anything, but I still feel bad:(

I talked to a rebbe about my use of electronics on yuntif and the advice has not helped me, which is why I feel worse

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