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Just Lost An Internet Friend :/

Said friend was helping me quit cigarettes. They chose to stalk my profile (something I had not done to them) and messaged me saying they would no longer be contacting me due to my comment history – they called me an extreme nationalist based on a comment I made asking why indigenous Jews should be expected to learn Arabic, a colonizer language, in their own homeland. They then referenced that they learned Arabic from their non-Arab Circassian friend who was forced into the Golan and how dare I be so extremist. Not quite sure how they thought using another example of indigenous cultural genocide was a “gotcha” in this situation but I guess that’s what they thought they were doing.

I simply said sorry that their Circassian friend was forced to learn a foreign tongue because of their own people’s cultural genocide, and thanks for helping me with my quit.

Still kinda sad though. It really threw off my day.

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