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Just a story of hope

The world is pretty rough right now and I thought this might make some people smile.

I met my girlfriend (now wife) during COVID. She wasn’t Jewish, and the first serious conversation we had, she told me that she was infertile. That she had tried to have kids for years and eventually gone to a doctor and was told that thanks to a childhood medication she had taken, she would likely never be able to have children. She knew that my dating profile stated that I wanted children so she wanted to let me know. I said, “Well, we’ll see what happens.”

Two months later, she starts feeling a little weird. I’m eating a soft-boiled egg for breakfast and she nearly throws up when she sees it, and then her period is very light, and not knowing what else to do, she takes a pregnancy test and it turns up positive. When she calls her family on the phone to tell them, the first thing I overhear her father say is “I thought you couldn’t have kids?!” So, we get ready to have a child. The pregnancy is extremely rough on her, but nine months later our daughter is born and we name her Laila, after the angel לילה. When Laila is six months old, we take her to the mikvah and give her the Hebrew name בינה.

Now Laila is two and a half. She loves going out onto the balcony and saying the Shema with me and lighting the Shabbat candles, and lately I’ve caught her playing a game. She’ll take a couple cups from her dish playset, put them upside down and next to each other on a table, and then she’ll raise up one hand and cover her eyes and start trying to sing.

She may not have been born Jewish, but Hashem sent her to us, to my wife who thought her dreams of being a mother were gone for good. I’m going to teach her about her heritage and her people, and hopefully someday my wife and I will have a Seder table with grandchildren reciting the four questions.

עם ישראל חי

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