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just a mom

so i am not jewish, and my partner is not jewish but he is jewish by blood, his mother was jewish but his father converted her to christianity before my partner was born, the circumstances around the whole situation involve , emotional abuse,and a 10+ year age diffrence and plenty of others that are not relevant to my question . anyways my partners grandmother and other side of his family other then his mother are still religiously jewish, we are even taking a trip this following weekend to bring our 2 month old daughter to meet her great great grandma who is a holocaust surviver and close to if not already 100 years old! me and him are diffrent religions ( im a Pagan and he’s a Christian) and have agreed to raise our daughter will both of our religions and let her decide as she grows up, since being jewish is in my daughters blood i wanted to ask his grandmother ( my daughters great grandma) if as my daughter gets older if she could teach her about Judaism but i do not know how to go about it, i don’t want to be weird or disrespectful in anyway. would like opinions on the whole subject please , thank you in advance.

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