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Julian the Last Pagan and the Third Temple

The fourth successor to Constantine , his nephew Julian , felt an intense hatred towards Christianity : wanted to return to the pagan heritage and ritual that was so central to Greco-Roman culture and politics. In 361, Julian defied the Christianization that was the hallmark of his uncle’s rule and issued edicts that favored Roman cults and minimized the influence of Christianity. His attempts failed and Christianity solidified its position within the Empire after Julian’s death during an expedition.

The Historian Ammianus Marcellinus (A.D. c.330 – 395) tells us in his “Res Gestae,” Book XXIII: “He [Julian the Apostate] planned at vast cost to restore the once splendid Temple at Jerusalem, which after many mortal combats during the siege by Vespasian and later by Titus had barely been stormed. He had entrusted the speedy performance of this work to Alypius of Antioch… But though this Alypius pushed the work on with vigor, aided by the governor of the province, terrible balls of fire kept bursting forth near the foundations of the Temple and made the place inaccessible to the workmen, some of whom were burned to death; and since in this way the element persistently repelled them, the enterprise halted.’

What did Jews think about this Emperor? Was he a real friend or just wanted to weaken Christianity by helping the Jews? Are there some contemporary or ancient Jewish sources about Julian? Have modern Sionists ever mentioned him in their speeches or books?

It is amazing that, nowadays, some Western neo-Pagans are anti-Semitic White-Supremacists, even if ancient Pagans had no conception of biological ‘races’ and generally were not unfriendly towards the Jews due to religious reasons . It is also true that 90% of modern neo-Pagans are not anti-Semitic, an attitude they link with Christianity. Besides , anti- Semitism and White Supremacy are more common within Norse-inspired neo-Pagans than within those who accept the Greo-Roman Traditions.

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