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Judaism vs Victimization

I’m both Jew and Black. My family immigrated from Spain, to Italy, then America. My grandmother (half “black” half “Italian”) was literally the last “white” person in my neighborhood. We lived around the corner from the last synagogue in our entire area. I occasionally got ” why is your grandma white?” Or “Who is the old white lady at your house?” But I have never ever felt any semblance of anti semitism in my city. Now in light of recent events the slightest criticism of or even observation seems to be deemed anti semitism.

Being obviously black, I would say i experience much more anti blackness than I have ever experienced anti semitism ( I have lots of “white” Jewish friends and they also feel the same) why is it that online there seems to be so much hysteria about “anti semitism”? You literally can’t tell that 90% of us are Jews if we don’t indicate it.

I know I’ll get down voted, but I’m very curious. What’s the deal? Are people not allowed to criticize Jews w/o being considered anti Semitic?

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