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Judaism as henotheism?

“Henotheism is the worship of a single, overarching god while not denying the existence or possible existence of other lower deities.” – Wikipedia

Could henotheism be a valid expression of contemporary Judaism? Does the rabbinic tradition forbid Jews from being henotheistic? What are your thoughts on henotheism?

One of the Ten Commandments say, “Thou shalt have no other gods before Me.” Could that apply to just not worshiping other (lower) gods, yet not necessarily denying their existence and leaving room for spiritual dialogue with our polytheist friends? I know some polytheists who regard their lower deities as being akin to angels or even the sefirot of Kabbalah, which although it would be against halakha to worship those as a Jew would it be appropriate to approach these sorts of polytheism with a henotheistic perspective?

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