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Judaism and veganism

Hello everyone, first I have to say; i am not a vegan and i am not jew. But i ve had this question in my mind for over 2 years.

Once while looking for kosher recipes and the vegetarian/religion intersection i found out a religious jew who also had vegan ideals. Bjt later i found out that some religious ceremonies need animal meat/use/sacrifice.

In a religious theistic sense, for those jews who hold onto these expressions of judaism, and, at ghe dame time vegan ideals: how do you substitute the animal meat/use/sacrifice?

I dont think the word “reconcile” might be necesary, rather, how you celebrate to make it proper for both of your ideals? because i understand judaism in a more flexible light that i understand other faiths.

so im sure they have ways for the needs of each jew. I have been afraid to ask, hope i do not offend. Is simply of upmost curiosity for the culture and diversity of faithful obligations ones has.

Rhank you so much for your answers.

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