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Judaism and Pathans

Good Morning fellow Jewish friends and Rabbis, I have been very interested in learning more and more about Judaism recently and one of the things I love about Judaism is that the biggest critics of Judaism are well the Jewish people them selves.

I love that the Jewish religion and culture allows for looking at things from a critical perspective unlike most other religions. It’s definitely a very ancient but highly evolved ever green religion and definitely aligns far more with what I value in life.

I am a Pathan born and raised in city called Peshawar which is near Afghanistan but currently live in Canada. I wasn’t really religious in any real shape or form (I identified as an Agnostic for 25 years) – I have a few questions regarding the Pathans who are supposedly one of the lost tribes belonging to old Bani Israel.

  1. If the goal of Judaism is to eventually reunite all the lost tribes how would you even think about changing the mindset of a small subset of 40 million people towards Judaism who are hardcore islamic for the most part
  2. If by some miracle they do change how would israel which is such a tiny tiny country be able to accommodate such a large population without destroying Israel as it is basically.
  3. What does a best case scenario realistically and logistically look like?

Apologies if the question is weird and I don’t mean to offend anyone as I’m just trying my best to learn as much as I can.

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