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Judaism and Dogs?

Hi all,

Question maybe you can help me answer – I live in a very Jewish neighborhood in NYC (a block from a synagogue and school and near Yeshiva University), and most of the Jewish people around me are Orthadox, including in my apartment building.

I have always noticed a strong aversion to dogs from the community, but since I got my dog in December, I have really noticed it firsthand, and it seems to start early with young children. People have made rude comments, I’ve had people in my building block my entrance into the building with him, I had false complaints about not picking up after my dog, etc. I don’t know much about what is taught in Orthodox circles, but I’ve known many Jewish people in my life, including in my own family and my boss, and dogs were/are fine.

Can someone explain to me where the fear/disdain comes from, or what the teaching is about dogs/pets? (For the record, I’m always respectful with my dog and give them a wide berth, if I can.) If animals are ok, why am I getting this and what can I do to co-exist better with my neighbors and make them more at-ease about my dog?

Edit: Also confused because I thought the Talmud said dogs should be respected and protected by people, and there are plenty of dogs in Israel. Apologies if this ruffles any feathers – just trying to understand as someone outside of the community.

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