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Judaism and absurdism

Background: I was born Jewish (I.E mother is jewish) ,but I wasn’t raised Jewish. I was to the extend of doing Hanukkah and other basic holidays. I didn’t rediscover my Judaism till 18 years old.

Post: I got into absurdism first and Judaism second. I’ve understood absurdism as anti- religion as in completely devoting yourself because life is too hard/painful so religion is the easier path.

(Absurdism is western philosophy popularized by Albert Camus)

I’ve done some reading on both subjects and to me they can co-exist (to a even greater extend religion as a whole) if you just accept you’d be perfectly fine without them. From My understanding in Judaism this is a concept called “The agnostics reward”.

Recently, I’ve gotten into Maimonides and the idea of how the logic can understand the divine through study. That but I also recognize that it’s ultimately unknownable and three questions will follow with every one answer.

TLDR; any so called Jewish absurdist out there? That can point me in some direction.

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